Do you accept bookings?2020-03-10T15:37:31+00:00

Yes we do! For bookings of up to 8 guests, please book using the website here: If you book online, you can make an instant reservation rather than having to try and get through on the phone at busy times or wait for an email response. You will also get an automatic confirmation email with all the booking details.

If you would like to reserve for a group of more than 8 guests, please email us with your requirements at hello@checksandgreys.co.uk. We will need to ensure that we have a suitably-sized table for you, and may need to discuss seating arrangements or menus for larger groups.

Can you cater for allergies & intolerances, e.g. with gluten-free or dairy-free dishes?2020-03-10T15:37:52+00:00

We take food allergies & intolerances extremely seriously at Checks & Greys. There are several gluten-free dishes on our menu, marked with a symbol to help you easily identify them. We only use gluten-free batter, chip, fries & breadcrumbs, meaning that both of our deep fat fryers are completely gluten-free too. Gluten-free beers are also available – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We have several vegan options on the menu, which are of course all dairy-free – just look out for the vegan symbol next to them.

If you don’t see the gluten-free or vegan symbols next to a dish which you like the look of, please just ask – we can adapt a number of our dishes to make them gluten- or dairy-free with slight modification; for example, gluten-free bread is available for toast & sandwiches.

Additionally, we provide a full and detailed breakdown of all the ingredients used in our main menu dishes, so that if you suffer from an allergy you can order food confidently in the knowledge it will be safe for you. Having the full ingredient information means that even those guests who suffer from allergies to food not included in the 14 ‘declarable allergens’ as defined by the UK Food Standards Agency can check whether or not dishes are safe for them to eat. Our senior staff are all glad to help if you request allergen information, and this is a service which we are proud to provide.

Do you offer vegan options?2020-03-10T15:38:15+00:00

We are proud to have a number of delicious vegan options on our menu, including desserts. These dishes are marked with the ‘Vegan’ symbol on the menu, but please ask a member of staff if you are unsure about anything. We also keep a separate deep fat fryer designated for our vegan menu items to ensure there is no cross-contamination with meat, fish or animal produce.

What methods of payment are available?2020-03-10T15:38:30+00:00

Cash and card payments from all major providers are accepted. We are unable to accept £50 notes. We are also unable to accept payment by cheque.

Are you child-friendly?2020-03-10T15:38:47+00:00

Children of all ages are welcome at all times. We have a couple of highchairs available for very young children – we recommend you book in advance if you require a highchair, and request one via the booking widget. We offer a Kids’ Menu designed for children aged up to 10 years; many of the dishes on our normal menu can also be adapted to offer a smaller portion. Colouring sheets and crayons are available upon request. There are baby changing facilities provided in one of the toilets.

Are you dog-friendly?2020-03-10T15:39:01+00:00

Sadly we are not able to allow dogs, other than of course service/assistance dogs – as much as we do love them! As the café has a very open-plan layout, there is no suitable way of cornering off a dog-friendly area, and we do not wish to inconvenience guests who may have pet allergies.

Are you wheelchair accessible?2020-03-10T15:39:17+00:00

We are situated on the ground floor and are fully wheelchair accessible from both entrances, and have an accessible toilet available on the same level. If you wish to access us via the Cathedral, there is a lift which will bring you out next to our main entrance.

Are you licensed to serve alcohol?2020-03-10T15:39:31+00:00

We have a full alcohol licence and have a great range of wine, beers & spirits. We also have an excellent range of soft and non-alcoholic drinks, including some delicious alcohol-free beers.

Can you host events / are you available for private hire?2020-03-10T15:39:45+00:00

We are more than happy to host events – please email Matt at matt@checksandgreys.co.uk to open a discussion. Private hire of Checks & Greys is available, though a minimum spend may apply. We can also arrange and cater for events held in Blackburn Cathedral, and offer an outside catering service. Just let us know when and where, and we’ll do the rest!

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